Evolution of the Fort Worth Scale Modelers web site


v1.14     August 5, 2009:  Added online calendar to Events area.

v1.13     July 20, 2009:   Added forums link to http://fwsm.forumotion.com.

v1.12     July 10, 2009:   Added links to model, tools & supplies vendors.

v1.11    June 15, 2009:  Added links to Word and PowerPoint viewers for presentations to "Meetings" section.

v1.10    June 3, 2009:    Articles page set up and two reviews uploaded.

v1.09    June 2, 2009:    Galleries uploaded to PhotoBucket.com and links set on webpage.

v1.08    April 29, 2009:     SuperCon 2009 page set up.  PDFs for Awards & Categories, Rules & informational flyer uploaded.

v1.07    April 29, 2009:     Link to Squadron Eagle Quest contest added.

v1.06    April 27, 2009:     Links to Articles and Forums added.

v1.05    April 20, 2009:     Current version approved by club members  as official website.

v1.04    March 27, 2009:  Links to SuperCon 2009 flyer, January & February 2009 newsletters added.

v1.03    March 23, 2009:  Link to PDF version of SuperCon 2009 flyer added.

v1.02    March 19, 2009:  Link to PDF version of current newsletter added.

v1.01    March 19, 2009:  Email webmaster link and hit counter set up.

v1.0      March 18, 2009:  Site initially set up on GoDaddy.com.